In a Constant State of Charlotte

Confession: I LOVE me some Sex and the City. And I know that with shows like Girls and Broad City currently giving us a more authentic viewpoint of the single woman’s life, the quippy (and dare I say cheesy) world of Carrie Bradshaw and Co. is not as relatable as it was in the early millennium. That being said, I’ll always have a soft spot for the dramatic one-liners and date-night-gone-wrong scenarios.

In fact, I still like to binge-watch my four fave New Yorkers from time to time. My latest marathon (about a month ago) made me play the good  ol’ comparison game. And no, I’m not talking about categorizing my ex-BFs as “Aidens” or “Bigs.” No, I found myself dissecting one of the show’s more underrated (and, in my opinion, misunderstood) characters: Charlotte York. The WASP-y, naive gallery girl induced a lot of eye-rolling among SATC fans, but, I gotta say, I always rooted for her. I appreciated that she stuck by her beliefs and convictions about life and love, even if they were a bit far-fetched. To pay homage to my fave prude, I made a list of all of our similarities. (And, full disclosure, I had to trim my list, so you’re getting the short version.)

Here’s why I am and always will be a Charlotte:

I’m a supporter of head-to-toe pink. 


A random crying fit is just another Tuesday. 


Sometimes I’m ready to throw in the towel. 


When it comes to booze, I can’t hang. 


Seriously. No chill whatsoever.


I have sporadic, unpredictable bouts of rage, typically involving coffee or my hair. 


Obscenely sexual convos stress me the eff out. 


I have to give myself a pep talk from time to time. 


I’m a tad resentful toward anyone under the age of 25. 


I, too, was a cheerleader.


I’m a needy friend.